Buber bridge damaged,whole village stranded. Government inaction repeats

A photograph of the damaged bridge

Noor Akbar

Ghizer, December 10: A wooden bridge in the Buber Village of Punial Tehsil, Ghizer, has been damaged after it caught fire the other day. According to reports, the fire erupted due to short circuit at a nearby. The shop was gutted and the supporting wires of the suspension bridge were also damaged in the incident, rendering it unsafe for movement.

One of the ancient villages of Punial, Buber with an approximate population of around 16000 people has been cut off from rest parts of Punial. People are faced with lack of food items and other basic necessities of life.

It is the only bridge that connects Buber village with rest of the Punial. It was expected that government will take immediate steps to repair the bridge and make it clear for people but to the disappointment of the people of Buber village government has taken no such step so far.

People of Buber village are facing lack of flour and other food items, people with jobs in Ghakuch,Gilgit city and other places are worried and waiting for immediate steps from government but govt like in the past has shown no interest in solving the problem on immediate basis,said a stranded inhabitant of Buber village told this scribe while talking on phone.

The anger and depression among Buber people is increasing with each passing day on government inaction.An emergency meeting of Buber youth was held today in which an ultimatum of one week to repair the bridge was given.

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One Response to Buber bridge damaged,whole village stranded. Government inaction repeats

  1. Hafiz shah Ali says:

    AKPBS should re-build the bridge and help peoples of Buber

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