AKHSS makes Gilgit – Baltistan proud

Grade 8 Student, Khuda Burdi, grabs top position at National Science Fair

PT Report

Gilgit, December 7: Khuda Burdi, a grade-8 student of the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, GIlgit, grabbed the top position in ‘Individual Category’ competitions held as part of the Science Fair 2010-11. The National Science Fair was organized by Intel Education Initiative Pakistan, in collaboration with Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.

Khuda Burdi’s project, “Train Without Fuel”, stood first among all other science projects designed by students from different parts of the country. Around 80 students from 15 schools of Federal Capital, Rawalpindi, and Khyber Pukhtoonkhawa, participated in the science fair. Gilgit-Baltistan was represented by 28 students of Aga Khan Higher Secnodary School Gilgit (AKHSS-G).

The competition was held in first week of December, 2010, at Government Girls College F-7/4, Islamabad.

Purpose of the event was “to explore youngsters’ innovative thoughts in multiple disciplines of science.

Selected projects from Pakistan would be taken to the international level for further exposure and competition.

The event included two categories of competitions i.e. individual and group categories. Two more projects of AKHSS were selected for final competition in the group category.

One of the finalist projects in the group category was “ Don’t waste your hair” designed by Zeshan Murtaza, Wissam Ahmed and Qalandar Shah. The other project was titled, “New way of multiplication” and the creative team comprised of Shahb ud Din and Shahzada Rahim.

The teachers of AKHSS – Gilgit have expressed joy and satisfaction at the achievements of their students. Former students of AKHSS – Gilgit have also congratulated the teachers and students for shinning at the national level.

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31 Responses to AKHSS makes Gilgit – Baltistan proud

  1. TAJ HUSSAIN says:

    Well Done! Khuda Burdi…Keep it up.

  2. Aziz says:

    Congratesssss man, well done, keep it up

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  4. Congratulations for your sucess at National Level

    You made your parents and your school proud at National Level

    Good job,keep Rocking!!!

  5. Farman ravian says:

    Welldone khuda burdi for the asking achivement,and congratulations AKHSS for yet another brilliant feat.We hope the school will further broaden its horizon all over,regarding academic excellence
    Good luck my school

  6. Shamim Ara says:

    Well done man, and congratulations to ur parents and teachers who have developed u for achieving such an outstanding result.

  7. Zeeshan Murtaza says:

    thanks all to supports us specially our teacher of AKHSS G …….

  8. Sher Khan says:

    Well done guys, u have made us proud.Hope this effort continues and we pay for your further success.

    Sher Khan
    3rd Batch AKHSS

  9. hisam hunzai says:

    Congratulation young boy! keep it up

  10. Sultana says:

    Congrats! Khuda Burdi (Papu), Excellent work, God Bless you 🙂

  11. Ali Gohar Hunzai says:

    My dear Khuda Burdi! A Weldon to you and your family, your teachers and your institution. You made all of us proud. This what we all expect from Premier Institutions to excel and stand for merit.

    My heartiest congratulations to Mr. Dawar Khan and his team.

    Ali Gohar Hunzai
    Beaconhouse School System,

  12. liaqat karim says:

    hey guyz ..!!!!!! u simply rock !!!!!! really pleased to hear this news !!!!!! hope will meet u here at international level .. !!!!!! best wishes !!!!!!!

  13. safdar ali Islamabad says:

    Congrats to you Mr. khuda Burdi and all participants for this brilliant acheivement. Keep it up, we are Proud of you all.

  14. shehzad alam says:

    what a great performance we are proud of you … i have no words to express my happiness ..proud to be gilgit-baltistani

  15. Nazeer Ali Khan says:

    Dear Pupi
    keep working i and make it more and much better or perfect for the national event. ok Your name represents you complete.
    love and keep it up

  16. Khuda burdi says:

    Thank you all for such a good response. Hope I will succeed at the international level also.

  17. SEEMA ABUZAR says:


  18. Darjat says:

    Dear Khuda Burdi,
    What an acheivement!.. good for you and all of us ! . You have miles to go further. Congtrs to you and your family and school.
    Best wishes

  19. kamal uddin says:

    Dear Khuda Burdi,
    I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to you, your teachers and your parents……..struggle is the meaning of life, success and faliure is in the hands of God, but struggle itself a mans duty. God bless you!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up.
    Best wishes,
    Kamal uddin

  20. sabrina aly says:

    hi dear kb….

    Many many congrate 2 u nd ur family.m proud of u.love u…..

  21. Zeeshan Murtaza says:

    thanks all !!!!

  22. Essa khan says:

    Dear Khuda Burdi,
    keep up ur education, God bless you.

  23. Erum Hussain says:

    Dear Khuda Burdi,
    Great job! Keep up your spirits.

  24. shairyar hussain ansari says:

    proud to be student of AKHSS………………..

  25. Jehangir Sah says:

    We all are proud of our beloved Hazar Imam, who blessed us such a Prestigious educational institution in G/B. We are proud of such a briliant studend ever produced by this intitution. Congratulations Mr.Khuda Burdhi.
    Jehangir Shah (Hunzai)
    Social worker in Lahore.

  26. Anayat Baig Alvi says:

    Congratulations brother & Congratulations AKHSSians For proving that you really provide Quality Education.

  27. Riaz Hussain says:

    That is the vision of Molana Hazir Imam to produce leadership.Well done boy,we are proud of u.

  28. Anwar Ali Baigal says:

    we are proud of u AKHSS(G)

  29. shoaib says:

    well done boys keep it up.

    Shoaib Sultan
    3rd batch AKHSS-G

  30. Raza Muhammad says:

    All murids are proud of our Hazir Imam for his blessings and vision for the humanbeing to improve their standard of life ,education and sound health, chain of Hss is the first step twords the leadership and building of creativity skills for the new generation, I am proud of all briliant students.

    Raza Muhammad

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