[Poll] Governor Gilgit – Baltistan

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2 Responses to [Poll] Governor Gilgit – Baltistan

  1. Saeed Anwar says:

    My dear fellows,we must try to under stand the satituation of GB and the federal government policy as what they are thinking of party bais to appoint as governor of GB, I personally says that first of all the governor should be from GB and who is haveing very high portfooliyo,like Nazir Sabir he is only our national hero to take our flage to the highest level on earth and emage of our country through his lectures abroad.
    one more thing is favoring him as he belongs to the PPP party from the beginning,So if the president Asif Ali Zardari is appointing this man it will be the good luck of Gilgit Baltistan.

  2. Hatim Tai says:

    Dear Frnz!!
    Don’t worry; Wazir is your permanent Governor for next 10 – years. So no need worries, I would suggest all of u to be happy, coz he is from GB and belongs to your ruling party PPP.

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