Second Tourist Guides refresher course started by Apine Club of Pakistan

PT Report

Islamabad, November 30: Alpine Club of Pakistan has started the second refresher course for Tourist Guides in Islamabad. Most of the tourist guides being trained belong to different parts of Gilgit – Baltistan region.

Speaking at opening ceremony of the refresher course, GB Law Minister Wazir Shakil said that the government of Gilgit – Baltistan will extend full support to the Alpine Club of Pakistan for tourism promotion. He also said that processes are under-way for provision of all-weather-landing facility at the Skardu Airport.

Colonel (r) Manzoor Hussain,  President Alpine Club and Secretary Abu Zafar Sadiq also spoke at the occasion. Colonel Manzoor Hussain shed light on the natural beauty of Pakistan, specially H-K-H-P (Hindukush-Karakuram-Himalaya-Pamir regions, and its tourism potential.He said that in order to ensure a memorable experience for visitors the training of tourist guides is of very high importance.

Abu Zafar Sadiq in his speech said that the course will take place on and around the Margalla Hills Islamabad. Emphasis of the Training will be on the basics of mountain survival, travel, safety and basic rescue techniques.

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4 Responses to Second Tourist Guides refresher course started by Apine Club of Pakistan

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  2. Shah Zaman says:

    Where is reknown guide Mr. Attaullah Khan, i think He is missing here.


  3. hunza says:

    I can,t see many guides in the picture. It means not much attention towards the training, other media hype!!!!!!

  4. Ali Masud says:

    it is indeed a very good jesture such training will boost the professional capabities who ever is affiliated with the said industry. secondly i agree with Shah Zaman at least 30% of guides should have given a chance.

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