Future of students in Gojal valley in limbo

Students from Al-Amyn Model School facing an uncertain future. Photo: Express

Noor Muhammad

ISLAMABAD: The community-based education system in Gojal Valley (Upper Hunza) is one of the sectors that was badly hit in the aftermath of the Attabad landslide that struck the region on January 4.

“Around 65 per cent of the students here have not paid their fees for more than five months”, Nazir Ahmed Bulbul, principal of the Al-Amyn Model School Gulmit, said.

Parents left without means to earn their livelihoods are unable to pay for their children’s education. At the same time, cash strapped schools are finding it difficult to pay salaries to their already underpaid staff.

“We are really worried about the future of this school, we only have money to pay our staff salaries for the next three months”, he said.

“The school used to pay a 100 per cent fee remission to 12 students and a 50 per cent fee remission to 54 deserving students”, a member of Al-Amyn’s board of governors said.

He feared that due to the lack of resources, the board might be forced to withdraw the help, jeopardising the future of these 66 students.

Complete at Express Tribune

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One Response to Future of students in Gojal valley in limbo

  1. Farman ravian says:

    There is no doubt that Al AMYN,is nd has been the backbone of the region’s valuable institution.Being well aware of the deleterious swings of the disaster on the region,the Government ought to come up to support the institution.It is the voice of all of us.

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