Saeeda Mir gets first position in International Essay Competition

By Farman Karim
























Gilgit: Saeeda Mir, a resident of Sultanabad, Gilgit has won the first prize in an International Essay Competition.
Sadia is currently pursuing a degree in BSc at Margalla Girls College, Islamabad. Nineteen hundred students from around the world participated in the competition.  As first place winner, Saeeda has been offered a lifetime scholarship in the United States.
The Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan and GB assembly members have sent messages of felicitation to Saeeda and her family members.
In his message the Chief Minister said that this is indeed a great achievement and a great honor for Gilgit-Baltistan.

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76 Responses to Saeeda Mir gets first position in International Essay Competition

  1. sayeed says:

    Congrats sadia and we are proud of you..may I know the detail of that competition..when it was held and where and by whom?

  2. Tariqbaig says:

    Congratulations Sadia.. we are proud of you keep it up.

  3. We are Proud To you my sister on your achivement.its Great honor for Gilgit Baldistan.
    Ghulam Hussain
    MRI & CT Scan Technologist
    Dow University Of Health Science
    Radiology Department.

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  5. Mr. Toojik says:

    Proud on such sisters, daughters and feminine of Gilgit-Baltistan and women folk of this great Country-Pakistan. Saida You are Beacon for the YOUTH specially our daughters and Youngster of Gilgit-Baltistan. We all are interested to know more about SADIA and her parents. My request goes to the team of PT to have a detail interview of SADIA and share it on this and other electronic media really good for the YOUTH.
    It proves that genious and knowledge is boundryless.

  6. Ejaz says:

    perhaps no one from LUMS and IBA participated 🙂

    • Yasir Hunzai says:

      I doesnt matter because it was an international competition….Nobody knows your LUMS or IBA internationally.
      Be open minded and appreciate the achievement. 🙂

    • Kamran says:

      Dear Ejaz,

      If you cannot appreciate someone, dont dare to show your narrow mentality.

  7. karim shah says:

    well done for getting the great milestone and congrats for the life time scholarship

  8. Baig says:

    Bravo sadia. keep it up.
    @ Ejaz, please don’t think that IBA or Lums is the only institution to have bright students.

  9. Abbas Ali Khan says:

    Well done my daughter,We are proude of you, keep it up.

  10. Sajid I. Barcha says:

    Congratulations on the win!

    We would like to read that essay too! PT if can get a copy of it.

    @ Ejaz
    That was an incredibly foolish comment.

  11. Marvelous achievement Saadia. God give you the courage and knowledge to prosper in life.

  12. Ghulam Ahmed says:

    Well done Saida good on you !

  13. Dr.Sabit Rahim says:

    Writing involves thinking and creation, which is not an easy thing. I wholeheartedly congratulate Ms.Sadia on her excellent achievements. Furthermore, I strongly support the comment made by Mr.Toojik and reitrate his demand for providing more information about this rising star of Gilgit-Baltistan. PT team assumes that we know every body in that vast regions of ours. Please have an in depth interview of the young lady for the benefit of all.

  14. saba says:

    Great !!!

  15. Khalid Amin says:

    Congratulations on your outstanding triumph!
    You’re a star in our eyes!
    Good Luck & all best wishes for the future.

  16. Sajida Khan says:

    Congrats Sadia Mir,
    Great achivement keep working hard
    God bless you

    Sajida Khan 🙂
    USA FL

  17. Wakhi-Tajik says:


  18. Imran Hunzai says:

    Great achievement indeed. Bravo!!

  19. irfan karym says:

    well done…………………..lucky u.
    gud luck 4 ua future………….!

  20. Naveedullah Baig says:

    Dear sister congratulations….we are proud of you..

    Naveedullah Baig
    Honolulu Hawaii

  21. Mumtaz Hussain says:

    Great achievment and keep it up. May God bless her with series of such sucesses.
    Mumtaz Hussain
    Aga Khan University

  22. Ali Masud says:

    well done

  23. irshad says:

    Congratulations on your outstanding triumph!
    You’re a star in our eyes!
    Good Luck & all best wishes for the future.

  24. ishfaq says:

    Congartulates Sadia……….
    Sadia we r really proud of you ………..

  25. Aliya Gul says:

    Mashallah and Congratulations Sadia!!!

  26. Wasim says:

    I wud like to express my profond gratitude over the great achievement of Sadia. I wish many more achievements like this for u in future career. God bless you.

  27. Murtaza Mughal says:

    Guys! It’s natural that all of us are eager to learn more about this outstanding daughter. First of all my congrats to her parents also, they nurtured her in such a way that she was able to achieve such a pride on international level. It’s also a lesson for us (parents), not to discriminate between sons and daughters as usually we do. My appreciation also goes for Pamir Times for timely publishing this and hope to serve the deprived nation in the future.

    Her father Mirbaz Khan son of Mirza Khan, a businessman, originally migrated from Khanabad, Shinaki, Hunza, further migrated from Sultanabad, near Danyore, Gilgit and now settled in at Sonikote, Gilgit is well-known for his social work.

    I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

  28. yabgo daniyal balti says:

    proud of u mam keep it up and keep rocking peoples like u r ideal for others v have to work hard to show ourself give glt bln there rights our best wishes r with u

  29. masood Aly Khan says:

    Congratulation to Sister Sadia, her family & people of GB too..In fact it is great honor for GB….Keep it up..U r role model for the world…

    With Regards & best wishes
    Masood Khan
    UET Lahore

  30. ejaz says:

    Congratulations saida .what a great achievements keep it up .

  31. moiz says:

    outstanding by sadia …….keep going its jst da start

  32. salma aman says:

    Well done dear..
    We are proud of you.. May God bless you with lots of success in your life.

  33. sohail says:

    MASHALLAH MASHALLAH sadia many many congratulations….. keep it going.

  34. Ghulam Abbas says:

    Congratulations form the soul of my heart. It is really a great honor for Gilgit-Baltistan and specially for You. Not only winning the First Position even thinking of competition at international level is an honor. Your first position is a symbol of the talent of Gilgities. Best wishes for you…!!

    Ghulam Abbas

  35. fatima aman says:

    She made all of us proud. Its indeed a very good news. I hope our youth will get an insight motivation from this success story of a young girl. I wish sadia and her family many many Mubaraki.

    I would highly appreciate if Pamir Times try to bring forward her thoughts which she has reflected in form of essay. We are eager to read.


  36. Hina Sher says:

    Dear Sadia,
    Heartiest congratulations on this brillinat success.You are an exemplary figure for the youth of our time.It proves that knowledge knows no boundries and to be diligent means you own the world.You should try to dessiminate the information to provide a guidline for the youth.If possible I would suggest that you hold some presentations in differnt institutions in Gilgit Baltistan to spread the awareness about such oppurtunities.I am sure there is great hidden talent in the youth of our region and they need guidance and motivation for such chances.Moreover your success on international level is an honor not only for your and your parents but for the whole country. Knowledge is an ocean so you are honored to contribute to this ocean.I suggest that you should try inspire the youngsters of Gilgit Baltistan through your maximum interaction to them on collective level through your talks and presentations.
    Once again congratulations from me and my husband Sher Baz.

    Keep it up.

  37. Trangfa Maujood says:

    The dark clouds of politicised discourse has engulfed the literary landscape of Gilgit-Baltistan. While we hear a great deal about the impending great game, the tales of corruption, the infiltration of People’s Liberation Army, issues around Diamer-Bhasha dam, yet we seldom talk about great creative arts. This is indeed pathetic.

    By winning an international essay competition Sadia Mir has pumped fresh air in the otherwise culturally dormant Gilgit-Baltistan. For her extraordinary achievement I send my best congratulations.

    But I am wondering if it is possible for PT to publish her essay, and let us know little bit more about this courageous young lady. I would reiterate Dr Sabit Rahim’s suggestion that you guys should publish an interview or a profile of Sdia for the benefit of us all as well as for inspiration to other young literary individuals. We need further information as to which competition was this, where was it held, and what are other opportunities for people like Sadia to participate in such competitions.

    Trangfa Maujood
    Shishper Meadows

  38. AHMAD SABBAH says:

    Indeed a proud moment for all of us.

    Bravo.. Sadia..!!

    I am sure its the power of your vision, you conveyed through artistic use of your pen, which brought the highest laurel for you and for us all. we salute you for your hard work and making us proud with your clear and firm vision.

    looking forward to read your essay.

    A true inspiration for our youth.

    Ahmad Sabbah

  39. Alamshah says:

    Congratulation to Sister Sadia,Great achievment and keep it up. May God bless her with series of such sucesses.I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.
    With Regards & best wishes
    Alamshah hlltop hotel hunza

  40. alishah says:

    Congrates Sadia We are proud of you..:)

  41. Haqiqat says:

    Le trangfa,
    I am sure that your utopia is Shishpar meadows but not in reality because there is no internet (and must not be an internet) in the meadows (at least for now). Yet, your comments arrive at a daily basis?? How do you manage this???
    I write it because, (in my own perception) there is none than myself who crazily loves the nature and its wilderness to such an extreme level where people can’t even imagine.
    I am much more inspired with your word’ Shishpar meadows’ rather than the subjectivity of your comments.
    No doubt, that your comments are matured but more mature (to me) is Shishpar meadows.
    I Know that this is the end of the season to be on the pasrures, but I strongly long for a visit by the mid November as I leave from Paris to be there on 7th November on a long vacatioàn of 3 months. I would sincerely be pleased if you could respond on the e-address below.

  42. Haqiqat says:

    the correct word in the last paragraph is “pasture”.

  43. Amna zamir says:

    dear sadia,
    Many congratulations for your success. I pray to God that you may achieve trillions of more accomplishments.

    Stay blessed,
    Amna Zamir
    United Kingdom

  44. zahid ali says:

    welldone great acheivement by great lady of great area.this shows the talent of people of karakarum

  45. wasim says:

    congratulation 4 ur turemendos sucess .. our prayerz r with u just go ahead..

  46. Amin khan says:

    its mater of great pleasure and exaltation for all the students of north .we are proud of u……..

  47. zarar Puniali says:

    Well done sadia , u have made us all proud, keep it up ,my suggestion to u is to pursue a bigger objective 4 the future as per u r inspirations, keep working hard in an objective way.
    Let us see u achieveing even some thing more phenominal.

  48. Mirza Ai says:

    we are very blessed to have such talented daughters from pakistan and in particular Gilgit-Baltistan!
    Well done Sadia ! congratulations to you ,your family and to the People of Gilgit-Baltistan!

  49. alishah says:

    zabardast yar …gud bht khushi huwi yeh jan k k ap ko scholeship mili hay … khuda app ko kamyab karay … ameen

  50. Anayat Baig says:

    Congratulations to the Winner….
    V (the local people of Glt-Bltn) r proud of U…
    Although it seems a little effort but it truly shows that
    We pray that may such successess lie infront of our every brother n sister, so that, WE may also be a recognized nation among the communities of world,,,….
    Anayat Baig

  51. Basharat Ali says:

    Hats off to you Sadia, and of course heartiest congratulations, your achievement is an honour for all of us, Indeed you are a Pearl from the Heaven Hunza.
    Such is the worth of the students of Hunza, in future we should expect a Noble Prize from a Hunzai. And inshallah it will come……..

  52. Ishtiaq Agha says:

    This achievement is one of the great achievement for the people of Gilgit Baltistan not only for Sadia. All the peoples , not only Pakistani over all the world accept that the peoples of GB are intensive example of intellectual and this news is irksome for the enemy of GB!!!!!!
    Geo Gilgit Baltistan
    Geo Sadia…..!!!!

  53. hisam says:

    heads off my sister may Allah bless you with the scum of success

  54. Baig says:

    congratulation and best of luck for future endorsement.

  55. Dr Naeem Shahzad says:

    I had no words to appreciate u such an outstanding performance u had shown, It is great honour for GB.I salute ur mom and dad.thanx

  56. asghar khan says:

    excellent and outstanding achievement miss sadia. its a great honor for us ..May Allah Almighty give such passion to our upcoming youth and
    they must also try to achieve such goals . God bless you sister……

  57. shakir wazir balti says:

    Bravo.. Sadia..!!
    i have just one word awesome you are maestro keep it up .if somebody knows the link of this international competition kindly share it.
    thanks with regards

  58. aslam khan says:

    Congrats to Ms Sadia on her best acievement. PT is requested paste this marvilous essay on PT wweb site if possile for the youngsters of this area.

    aslam khan

  59. Jojon says:

    I would appreciate if someone can share the details of the competition and the prize winning piece of writing with the readers.

    It is very tall claim and people would like to see the masterpiece to be really proud of the highest achievement.

    Because is seeing is believing and without seeing it, how can one go so far by congratulating and feeling proud. I hope PT will help me out.

  60. Mir Gilgiti says:

    Congratulation! you made us all proud! keep up the good work.
    Chicago USA

  61. Wounderful achivement.
    Many Many congretulations best of luck in the long run


  62. nazim says:

    gr8 work done sis……..!!!!
    god bless u.
    we r proud of you.
    can i ve a copy of that essay?

  63. Mir Hassan says:

    LUMS and IBA are even not comparable to UET and NUST which hold some Place in the top five range on international university rankings
    UET Lahore has 281st and NUST too is in top five hundred . Your IBA and LUMS are not even mentioned there .Go to Q&S international rankings .
    you should accept the achievement . she has got the first position on international scale . The whole idea of even mentioning LUMS and IBA seems totally preposterous .

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  65. Rahat Alam says:

    what a great achivement i wish you lots of success in your life may GOD Bless you .

  66. Riaz Hussain says:

    This is the real purpose of education.keep it up.

  67. Nasir Ali says:

    Nahi tera nashiman Qasar e Sultani ki gunbat par
    Too Shaheen hai parvaz hai kam Tera
    Tere agay Asman…… or been Hain …

    Congratulations Sadia . Wish you success for your bright career.
    Nasir Ali

  68. Tawakal Ali serena isb says:

    sadia ap ko bahot b ahot mubarak ho….

  69. Ali Sher, Beijing says:

    Congratulations dear,

    really it’s a great achievement and pride for all of us… not even only for GB but to all
    Pakistan.. congrats to Mirbaz…. gor mubarak manis…

    Ali Sher

  70. Congrates Sadia!!!!! as the talent of GB has started making its place nationally and internationally, your this achievement is a catalyst in the process….. I also salute you for brining the GB community together for being emotionally proud to be part of that part of the world….. indeed it is a great contribution towards raising the self esteem of the youth; in people’s confidence on the hidden talents; and above all giving the message that no matter where you nurture or study, you can turn impossiblilites into possibilities.

    Whish you best of luck for more successes ahead..

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  72. G.M.Shimshali says:

    Congratulation Sadia….. it is indeed a great achievement, GOD BLESS YOU!

  73. Nazar says:

    Excellent Sadia! you have done a great job

  74. Marylou says:

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    search in google for – augo’s tube traffic

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