[Pamir Times Video Reports] The aftermath of Attabad landslide disaster

1. Updates for the day

2. Impact on Border trade

3. Avalanche in Hunza

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4 Responses to [Pamir Times Video Reports] The aftermath of Attabad landslide disaster

  1. asghr rumi says:

    keep it up.gr8 zulfi bai and gojal net…………

  2. alia says:

    thanks PT for bringing the situation online.
    there is still more time to go to clear the debris, it looks its more then 100 feet high, with this working condition and few machinery its quite impossible to release it soon.

  3. Bulbul Jan says:

    Thank you Pamir Times for informing the world about this large natural disaster.


    There is no debate in National Assembly about this large natural disaster and the fact Pakistan has been cut off from brothly country of china due to KKh blockage since 4th January 2010

    There is no debate in GB assembly

    There is no international aid.

    NMDA is nearly sleeping and only interested in cheap publicirty. We should make the Chairman of NDMA sit in leaking boat that he has sent.

    Please wake up: this is very big serious disaster if dam breaks.even down stream other infrastructure includeing mini hydro projects will be efffected and become non operational due to mud in water and many people will be effected.Please take this seriously

  4. khadim says:

    its very nice that PT is keeping the people in touch with the real grave situation of huge natural disaster of ataabad,,,,,the region of GB is offcourse heading towards a real time natural as well as man made disaster,, manmade in sense that the authorities didnot take it serious in initial stages,,,now its out of control and can b as lethal as KATRINA HURICAN nd Sunami…
    may allah bless all the innocent inhabitants of GB,, ..

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