The wild beauty of unexplored Chipurson valley

Photos (Yarzirich to Kirmin) by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan, September 09, 2008

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10 Responses to The wild beauty of unexplored Chipurson valley

  1. Sher Karim says:

    Zulfiqar and Team Pamir are doing a marvelous job bringing these wonderful photoes to the people from Gojal living throughout the world.

    This way we can remain conected to our people as wel as to the area and this web community is kind of a blessing for people like me who are lost in the cities in pursuite of careers.

    Keep this noble cause up. God bless you and your team

    Sher Karim

  2. Sultan Ahmed says:

    rightly said Sher Karim Bhai. These guys are making wonders. I salute thier journalistic sence and passion.

    Sultan Ahmed

  3. Mehboob Aziz says:

    fantastico Zulfi! great job man. from Yarzrich to Kirmin, what a nice title!!!! next episode should be from Spandrin to Chkorin. I hope and am sure that you wll come up with some fantastic new ides like “Kuch Khmak from Pamir to the Shimahal village”. it is a nice event as I have heared a lot about it.

    many thanks for the wonderful job Zulfi. thank you very much once again.


  4. rahim says:

    waw……. fantastic place, thanks to pamirtimes for giving this opportunity of visiting such a beautiful area. Great job guys.


  5. Shujaat Ali says:

    ” A thing of beauty is a joy forever”
    Last year for the first time, I visited Chapurson valley. I was surprised to see such a nice place in my life. From Yirshodh to Yarzrich, you will find natural scenic beauty, amzing passes, fertile lands and hospitable people.
    Any one who wants to see something new, must visit this valley. You will definitely enjoy.

  6. Didar Karim Bari says:

    wow…beautiful people beautiful ideas i apperciade your efforts zulfiqar and PT team doing such wonerfull job…

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  8. bena says:

    very beautiful pictures my mother spend 27 years in karachi she never go to her village.she like this picture very much.keep it up thank u

  9. HEllo pamir time

    hw r u nice news and pic thr in our web

  10. great effort by Mr zulfi!! please Keep it up!!!

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