AKES,P closes FEOs from traditional areas

Hunza, April 28: AKES,P is closing its Field Education Units from tradtional areas after the end of the current funding phase from European Commission. It is said that FEOs will continue its function in non-traditional areas like Astor and Baltistan.

In this regards major down sizing is expected in coming days. According to sources supporting staff and Community Mobilisers will mostly loose their jobs while Teacher Educators will be transfrered to schools as school heads.

The local community has stressed for transparency and meritocracy in process of firing employs from the organisation.

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1 Response to AKES,P closes FEOs from traditional areas

  1. Rahmat Karim says:

    This was decided with the support staff and teacher educators early, while they were been appointed that after closing the FEO,S there services atuomatically resumed.but what is the discussing issue is whether the teacher educator will be appointed in there respective schools or not? even though they had been resigned from there previous positions and joined in Offices with extra ordinary salaries and other banefits.there should be a spacific marit and caritaria for re appointing the TE to schools heads or teachers, cos it is observed and past experience of community that some infuelential group has appointed un able teaching staff and so far some areas it effects the whole schooling environment and society as whole.

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